rom four generation , we strengthen and renew the millenarian tradition of quarrying and processing of Apulia stones and marbles since the half of thirties when Nicola Cormio made a little handicraft laboratory.Twenty years after, in 1956 , it was the opening of the first sawmill of the Cormio’s family.
Today Cormio’s family is the owner of two main companies: Cormio Marmi srl and Intermarmi srl.

Our strong devices are the perfect knowledge of material and the sturdy experience in our worked staff, always in relation and contact with quarries and with marbles.
They make the company the first one appreciated in every marketplace, national and international.
The international market is the main reference thanks to the architects, designers,businessmen of all over the world that have known quality of this company linked to the different ways of applications and processing of our materials.


e deal with quarrying, working and marketing of marbles and natural stones in blocks and slabs with the most modern quarry technologies.

Marbles blocks are made of different measures according to the inclination and the direction of the form the stone created by the nature in about ten of million years. Blocks are squared and cut in slabs with diamond frames. Over the slabs it is possible to apply different processing to intensify quality and naturalness of the stone material: sandblasting, brushing, polishing, shinnying, rolling, hammering.

Blocks and marbles could be cut to measure according to the requests of clients.
All the steps of working and transformation from the raw material, trough cutting of blocks to the final selection to the shipping are realized by us in companies of the Cormio’s group.

In our warehouses it is possible to view blocks and slabs guaranteeing directness and dedicated attention focus on the satisfaction of clients.